SimKast Radio 3.0 DJ Application Form

You've heard us on air and want to be part of our team? We are always looking for fun, charismatic and energetic people who are looking to extend their outgoing and compassionate personality on the air!


  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Must have broadband internet access (DSL or Cable). No dialup or satelite connections.
  • Music Library of at least 500 songs. MP3 or WMA
  • Must be active in an online game (ie: SL, WOW, etc.) or chat room.
  • Must be able to create and keep a schedule of at least two 1 hour shifts or one 2 hour shift per week.
  • Must have Skype.
  • Must submit a preview playlist.
If you can meet the minimum requirements listed above then please read on for more information about us here at SimKast Radio 3.0.

1. Drama, Fighting and Arguing

We have a NO Drama Policy here at SimKast Radio 3.0. We have had our fair share of drama and it's caused more problems then needed at the time. We have restructured our station to eliminate the people who were at the root of the drama situations and we will continue to do so. We have created severe ramifications for those who are creating problems for others and are at the root of drama situations. You are not required to automatically get along with each other. There are times where you will have a disagreement with a fellow worker, it happens even in the best of situations. If you find yourself in a situation where it's going to cause a lot of drama then you are required to leave the situation. Have a cooling down period and then address it at a later time. If you need a mediator then please contact a member of your management team. If it's found that a person is purposefully causing and spreading drama then they will be asked to leave the station.

2. Conflict of Interest

Please confer with management before accepting any offer(s) to DJ on a server not owned by SimKast Radio 3.0 for potential conflict of interest and/or special dispensation to do so.

3. Compensation

Under NO circumstances should you accept compensation of any type in or out of game for payment of services. Gratuities can be accepted if within a reasonable amount but should not be advertised that you accept them. We pride ourself in not charging for our services.

4. On Air Conduct

We are proud to be uncensored, but we are responsible. We have never been, nor will we ever be an x-rated station. This is not to say that we don't have x-rated tendencies, we aren't prudes. However, we won't conduct x-rated shows on air. You will not moan, cyber, or pretend to have any real sex-related actions on air. There are some very well known stations out there which make sex its main focal point. If you feel the need to have to conduct yourself on air in that manner we ask that you not apply here at SimKast Radio 3.0.

5. Alochol & Drug References

What you do in the privacy of your own home in regards to drinking and doing drugs is your own business. Your status on the SimKast Radio 3.0 roster will not be affected if you use alcohol and/or drugs. However, you are not permitted to freely advertise on air that you are/will be/have been participating in drinking and/or using drugs. Basically, if you are partying - it's for you to know and to keep off the air.

While you are on air you will be representing the station. You are asked to keep your personal opinions which are formed from anger and/or hate towards another person, station, gaming area or anything in between to yourself and off air. You are not to make SimKast Radio 3.0 your personal venting arena. We "DO" encourage our DJ's to express their view points and opinions as long as it's conducted in an open and pleasant minded manner.

6. Disclaimer

Our station's website contains a disclaimer to cover it's management team of all conduct by it's staff members. But this does not mean that you can create situations which will have diverse affects on the station and it's staff members without respecting the same.

Copy of our station disclaimer is as follows:

SimKast Radio 3.0 is an uncensored internet radio station. Our DJ's have full creative rights to their show. We are not governed by FCC Regulations but we do take responsibility for our on-air content and actions. Please be advised that some shows carry an SKMA (SimKast Mature Audience) Rating and are not suitable for all listners. The opinions and views expressed on air by our DJ's are not necessarily the opinions and views of in general. Our DJ's are entitled to state their view points and opinions on subject matter which is not governed by If you are offended by our on air content we are sorry.

7. Your Shifts and Responsibilites

When you place your name on the schedule you are making a committment to both SimKast Radio 3.0 and it's staff members. If you are unable to make your shift, you are required to post to the staff Facebook Group atleast 2 hours prior to your show time. No show/No Calls are not tolerated. They are a show of disrespect to the station and it's staff members. We also do understand that real life is a priority and things happen, so if you miss a few shifts it is not the end of the world, but please do not make a habbit of it.

8. Music File Tags

As part of your training here at SimKast Radio you will be taught how to verify all tags for all of your music files. Files which are not tagged correctly show up on the website incorrectly, stream through Winamp incorrectly, as well as show up on the ShoutCAST search page incorrectly and make SimKast Radio 3.0 look unprofessional. This is not acceptable. To many hours are put into making SimKast Radio 3.0 successful and too many DJ's sacrifice their time to keep it on the top. You are to ensure that all tags are labeled correctly.

Are you Ready ?

If you agree to all of the above (Submitting this application is a statement that you agree to the above.) and think you would like to be a DJ with SimKast, then please fill out the following application. Please answer all questions accurately and fully.

Please note: If you leave any questions unanswered we will NOT process your application.

Please ensure you have answered all questions on the application before submitting it. If you are serious about being a member of the SimKast Radio 3.0 Team then you will take the time to answer all these questions. If you have a question that does not apply, then please put "N/A".

* = required

Personal Information

Your Gender :

Communications Information

SimKast Radio 3.0's Preferred Communication Program is Skype.

Online Game Information

You must be active in an online game or chat room to apply.

Technical Information Type of Connection* :
Do you have a mic?* :

Previous Experience Have you been an Internet DJ before?* :
Scheduling Information

You will be scheduled for training based upon openings on our schedule.

What is your schedule preference? (Pacific Time Zone Please)*

Can you be on call?* :
Miscellaneous Information

Your Reference is a staff member and someone you have gotten to know. If you don't have a DJ Reference then you can't submit this application. All references are checked so be sure you contact your reference before submitting this application.

You must submit a preview playlist, if you are unsure of how to do this please go to THIS LINK. Then either save the page or copy it to an email and send it to the training department to complete your application process. Please put the name you are going to use to DJ with in the Subject line!

Submit Application

Due to work obligations in the real world, all of our training sessions are conducted via appointment only. You will be contacted to confirm a time for training. If you miss more then 2 training sessions you will not be considered an applicant and you will not be permitted to re-apply again.

Please correctly fill out all required fields of this DJ application. Until then you will not be able to submit it. Neo Realms Fishing